Puzzle: Federal IT Face-off

The government's IT leadership is made up of some pretty familiar faces. How familiar with them are you? Take this facial-recognition test and see if you can identify the person from the minutiae of an eye, ear, nose or other feature.

#______John Gauss, Veterans Affairs

#______John Reece, IRS

#______Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., OMB

#______Lee Holcomb, NASA

#______Mark Forman, OMB

#______Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.)

#______John Gilligan, Air Force

#______Craig Luigart, Education

#______S.W. 'Woody' Hall, Customs

#______Sallie McDonald, FTS

#______Deidre A. Lee, DOD

#______Deborah Diaz, GSA

#______Gloria Parker, HUD

#______James Flyzik, Treasury

#______Ira Hobbs, Agriculture

#______John Stenbit, Defense

#______Daryl W. White, Interior

#______Debra Stouffer, EPA

#______Emory Miller, GSA

#______Fernando Burbano, State


1. Fernando Burbano, State

2. Deidre A. Lee, DOD

3. S.W. 'Woody' Hall, Customs

4. Gloria Parker, HUD

5. Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., OMB

6. James Flyzik, Treasury

7. Debra Stouffer, EPA

8. John Gilligan, Air Force

9. Daryl W. White, Interior

10. Ira Hobbs, Agriculture

11. Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.)

12. Craig Luigart, Education

13. Sallie McDonald, FTS

14. Emory Miller, GSA

15. Deborah Diaz, GSA

16. John Reece, IRS

17. Lee Holcomb, NASA

18. John Stenbit, Defense

19. Mark Forman, OMB

20. John Gauss, Veterans Affairs


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