CIO Council cites progress in IT hiring reforms

CIO Council cites progress in IT hiring reforms

The move to change how agencies hire IT workers is moving along as well as expected, according to Ira Hobbs, acting CIO for the Agriculture Department and co-chairman of the CIO Council's Workforce and Human Capital Committee .

Hobbs said the council is encouraged by two developments: the level of activity coming from Congress and the Office of Personnel Management's willingness to use technology to better manage the hiring process.

'We believe all of this is in relation to the principles outlined in the [National Academy of Public Administration] report,' Hobbs said yesterday during a conference call with reporters. 'This shows the study was on the right track, and we are doing the right kinds of things.'

Hobbs credits the April virtual IT job fair that OPM and the CIO Council sponsored and an OPM white paper on pay reform as significant events that resulted from the report.

'We learned a lot from the virtual IT job fair,' Hobbs said. 'It will have a profound impact on recruiting in the future.'

The NAPA report, called The Transforming Power of Information Technology: Making the Federal Government an Employer of Choice for IT Employees, was issued last September and called for changes in the way the government recruits, retains and compensates IT employees.

The CIO Council has asked federal workers to comment on NAPA's findings. Of the 27 comments received since February, seven expressed support for the study and 19 offered specific suggestions on how to improve recruiting, retaining and paying the IT work force.

To comment on the NAPA report, send an e-mail to

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