'Did you hear...'

Eeeee, lawyers. Scott eVest LLC of Chicago is changing the 'e' logo on its multipocketed vest for the truly wired user because of a trademark infringement lawsuit. Guess who raised legal objections to Scott's use of 'e'? IBM Corp.'s eBusiness solutions group.

Snip, snip. It may be the time-honored way of opening a new facility, but a ribbon cutting was way too tame for the International Spy Museum. Its opening ceremony last week in downtown Washington was a ribbon slashing by a team of spy-divers who rappelled down from the roof. Among the historic spy paraphernalia on display: the Kiss of Death, a KGB lipstick pistol found at the East German border during the Cold War. It could fire only one blood-red bullet, and only at close range.

Incredibility gap. According to the Associated Press, accountants aren't the only ones fudging numbers. It's happening among some Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists, too. The lab's 1999 announcement of transuranium elements 116 and 118, which do not occur in nature, was based on bogus research figures.

Tower of Cool. What is it? Not a yard of cold beer. It's the trademark of a new refrigerator cabinet for servers, from RTKL Associates Inc. of Baltimore. Six-packs not included.

Mountain comes to Mohammed. Paul Thurrott's WinInfo Update e-newsletter reported this month that Microsoft Corp. is renting booth space at LinuxWorld Expo, which opens Aug. 12 in San Francisco. What kind of show do you suppose Microsoft plans to put on for its archrival software engineers'a dunking booth? Target shooting, dart throwing, competitive debugging? Send your best guess to [email protected].

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