Entry eServer is self-healing

IBM p630 eServer

Except for Power4 processors in single-chip modules instead of multichip modules, the new IBM p630 eServer shares many features of the higher-end, 32-way p690 Regatta server.

The p630 comes with one, two or four 64-bit, 1-GHz CPUs, up to 16G of memory and one to four disk drives, marketing manager Cathy Cocco said.

The server stands 7 inches high in a rackmount version but also comes in a standalone tower cabinet. It runs IBM's proprietary AIX 5L operating system, and 64-bit Linux will be available later this year, Cocco said.

The new server employs many of the self-healing features of larger IBM servers, such as dynamic processor deallocation and persistent memory deallocation to bypass hardware failures.

Later this year an expansion drawer will supplement the p630's four PCI-X expansion slots, Cocco said. Another future addition is dynamic logical partitioning without interrupting service.

A p630 server with one 1-GHz Power4 processor, 1G of RAM and an 18G drive lists for $12,495.

Contact IBM at 800-426-2255.

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