* A July 22 story about Atlanta's Internet efforts misidentified the city's mayor. The current mayor of Atlanta is Shirley Franklin.

* In the same issue of GCN, a story about Rhode Island's portal project inaccurately stated the project's costs. Rhode Island spent $30,000 to develop and implement the portal.

* A July 15 story about the Defense Department's Biometrics Fusion Center overstated the difficulty in discerning differences in twins' fingerprints. According to the center: 'Some biometric products have difficulty distinguishing identical twins because the minutia points are similar. Hand-geometry devices are an example. The fusion center has experienced success in identifying twins with fingerprint devices since twins' fingerprints are unique.'

* A July 1 story about the Customs Service's collection of flight data inaccurately identified the agency that will gather information about where foreign visitors will reside while in the United States. The Immigration and Naturalization Service will amass this data.

* Also in the July 1 issue, a story about an ROTC site misstated the cost of Net-it Central document publishing software from Information Graphics Corp. of Phoenix. The Army Cadet Command paid $16,995 for its enterprise license.

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