Who's in charge of IT now?

Left to right: State CIO Fernando Burbano, Treasury acting CIO Mayi Canales, Defense CIO John Stenbit, Energy CIO Karen S. Evans and presidential cybersecurity advisor Richard C. Clarke.

Current leaders in the White House, cabinet departments and other key agencies

Since GCN ran a list of government IT chiefs a year ago this month, a lot has changed. Some CIOs have left, others have
shifted jobs within government, and more than a few new faces have arrived. More changes are in the offing, too, as the plans for a Homeland Security Department take shape.


White House

CIO: Tim Campen

Homeland Security Office

CIO: Steve Cooper

Senior adviser for IT: James Flyzik

Adviser for cyberspace security: Richard C. Clarke

Director of infostructure (temporary assignment): Lee Holcomb

Office of Management and Budget

Associate director for IT and E-government: Mark Forman

Deputy administrator for information and regulatory affairs: John Graham

Branch chief for information policy and technology: Daniel Chenok

of Federal Procurement Policy administrator: Angela Styles



Acting CIO: Ira L. Hobbs


CIO: Tom Pyke

Deputy CIO: Karen Hogan

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Acting IT Laboratory Director and CIO: Susan F. Zevin

Acting director of Advanced Technology Program: Marc Stanley

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

CIO: Carl Staton

National Weather Service

CIO: Barry C. West


Assistant secretary for command, control, communications and Intelligence, and CIO: John Stenbit

Deputy CIO: Priscilla E. Guthrie

Procurement director: Deidre A. Lee

Air Force

CIO: John Gilligan

Deputy CIO: Brig. Gen. Trudy Clark


CIO: Lt. Gen. Peter Cuviello

Deputy CIO: David Borland

Marine Corps

CIO: Gen. John Thomas


CIO: Daniel E. Porter

Deputy CIO: Ron Turner

Deputy CIO for enterprise integration and security: David M. Wennergren

Defense Information Systems Agency

CIO: Shirley L. Fields

Deputy CIO: Carl Palmer

Defense Logistics Agency

Information operations director and CIO: Mae De Vincentis


CIO: Craig Luigart

CIO: Richard Miller


CIO: Karen S. Evans

Health and Human Services

CIO: Melissa Rose Chapman

Housing and Urban Development

CIO: Gloria Parker

Acting deputy CIO for IT reform: William Taylor


Acting CIO: Hord Tipton

Deputy CIO: Sue Rachlin


CIO: Vance Hitch

Acting deputy CIO: Jim Gallagher


CIO: Darwin A. John

Deputy CIO: Mark Tanner


CIO: Patrick Pizzella

Deputy CIO and IT Center director: Laura Callahan


CIO: Fernando Burbano

Deputy CIO for architecture, planning and regulation: Roy A. Standing

Agency for International Development CIO:
John Marshall

Deputy CIO: Richard Nygard


Acting CIO: Mayi Canales


Acting CIO: Eugene 'Kim' Taylor

Transportation Security Administration

Associate undersecretary for information, science and technology: Patrick R. Schambach

Veterans Affairs

Assistant secretary for information and technology: John Gauss

Deputy CIO for management: Edward Meagher



CIO: Alan Wade

Deputy CIO: Douglas J. Naquin

Environmental Protection Agency

CIO: Kim Nelson

Chief technology officer: Debra D. Stouffer

Deputy CIO: Mark Day

Federal Emergency Management Agency

CIO: Ronald Miller

Deputy CIO: Rose Parkes

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

CIO: Fernanda Young

General Accounting Office

Director for IT management issues: David J. McClure (leaving the post next month; no interim director has been named)

General Services Administration

CIO: Michael W. Carleton

Deputy CIO: Susan C. White

Associate administrator for governmentwide policy: G. Martin Wagner

Associate administrator for citizen services: M.J. Jameson


CIO: Lee Holcomb (on detail to the Homeland Security Office)

Deputy CIO for management: Richard Brozen

Deputy CIO for security: David B. Nelson

National Archives and Records Administration

Deputy archivist and chief of staff: Lewis J. Bellardo

Assistant archivist for human resources and information services: L. Reynolds Cahoon

National Science Foundation

CIO: Linda Massaro

Acting deputy CIO: Robert Schmitz

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

CIO: Stuart Reiter

Deputy CIO: Jacqueline Silber

Office of Personnel Management

CIO: Janet Barnes

Postal Service

Vice president of technology and CIO: Robert Otto

Securities and Exchange Commission

CIO: Michael Bartell

Small Business Administration

CIO: Lawrence Barrett

Social Security Administration

Acting CIO: Dean Mesterharm

Acting deputy CIO: Ed Johnston

About the Author

Kevin McCaney is a former editor of Defense Systems and GCN.

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