Did you hear?

Because rockets are so passe, NASA is designing outer-space elevators instead. Engineers at Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama are at the drawing board building nanotubes--tiny, rolled-up carbon layers much stronger than steel--that could be fabricated into a miles-long elevator cable tethered to a geosynchronous satellite. Visit flightprojects.msfc.nasa.gov/fd02_elev.html.

Homeland offense. Not only is the Pentagon considering installing hives of trained bees to sniff out drugs and explosives at airport security checkpoints, but they have other smells in store. According to Time.com, the Defense Department has commissioned R&D of beanbag bullets, Web shotguns, wireless tasers, club drugs for rioters and "malodorants." Nosy as we are, we can't quite believe this, but the most effective gas tested so far to disperse unruly crowds is classified as "U.S. Government Standard Bathroom Malodor."

Visit it all here. Fortunately, our clever PCs so far will only let us see and hear the news, not smell it.

Leaf blowers, car alarms, giant foam "We're No. 1" gloves
and pantyhose.
They top Discovery.com's list of the world's worst inventions. Check it out. Our personal nominee is Microsoft Office's perky and officious Mr. Clippy assistant. Other idiotic innovations, such as the LED binary clock, appear at thinkgeek.com.

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