State will promote cybersecurity guidelines

State will promote cybersecurity guidelines

The State Department is endorsing the development of a 'culture of security' as described in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's new guidelines for protecting systems.

OECD, an economic analysis agency in Paris, was founded after World War II to coordinate international development. Its support comes from Western European countries, Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States. In recent years, however, it has been overshadowed by the European Union, the Association of South East Asian Nations and the group of seven leading democratic economies, or G-7.

Last week, OECD issued Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Networks: Toward a Culture of Security. The new document, which replaced 1992 guidelines, stresses awareness and responsibility when developing systems security programs. The organization developed the guidelines in response to a U.S. proposal. Originally, OECD had planned to issue the guidance next May, but it accelerated the process.

State said it will encourage businesses, the public and governments to use the guidelines to bolster IT security. It said it is developing outreach plans to promote the guidelines.

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