'Did you hear...'

Spy vs. spy. In a high-tech conflict eerily reminiscent of MAD magazine's cartoon adversaries, an Internet filtering software vendor is one-upping TriangleBoy, an antifiltering product. An antifilter lets employees visit forbidden porn and gambling sites, regardless of the presence of filtering products such as Net Nanny, Cyber Patrol, CyberSitter or SurfWatch. Now 8e6 Technologies of Orange, Calif., boasts that it has 'cracked the code' of TriangleBoy and has written a patch to disable it. Guess who's TriangleBoy's partner'the Voice of America, which wants to help citizens in China bypass their government's Net filters.

The ultimate ergonomic computer chair. See it at www.robotics.com/chair'a luxurious, tan leather, adjustable BMW front seat salvaged from a wreck and framed in with aluminum tracks. 'The adjustable seat makes a huge difference in my ability to completely become one with the computer,' brags designer Roger Arrick. He's considering accessories to enhance his digital unity, 'such as a tube to supply a continuous stream of Mountain Dew.'

Shake it up, baby. You've got your battery-powered flashlight and your solar-powered flashlight. Now you can flash a bulb-free, induction-powered flashlight: the Faraday Star from AC Delco, which claims it will produce five minutes of super-bright light to 'illuminate a 5-foot-diameter area at 50 feet, visible for up to one mile.' The hitch: You've gotta shake it, baby, and keep on shakin' for 30 seconds every five minutes to recharge. Frankly, this news leaves us'well, shaken. Cell phone and handheld PC batteries need recharging so often that it can't be long until their makers borrow the idea. C'mon, twist and shout at [email protected].

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