DOD computer security breached with ease

DOD computer security breached with ease

While working for a client, ForensicTec Solutions Inc. of San Diego this summer broke into dozens of military computer systems and found sensitive data, company president Brett O'Keeffe said today. He said he has alerted military officials and that 'they need resources and funds. This needs to be a top priority.'

Barry Venable, a spokesman for the U.S. Space Command in Colorado, said the vulnerabilities are under investigation.

O'Keeffe said company employees gained access to one computer at Fort Hood, Texas, that held an air support squadron's radio encryption techniques. Another computer held the personnel records of hundreds of military personnel, including their Social Security numbers, security clearances and credit card numbers. Company employees also roamed a NASA computer file, which showed vendor records with company banking information.

ForensicTec stumbled on the military computers in June when they were checking network security for a private client, O'Keeffe said. 'All we did was expose a vulnerability that others could exploit,' he said. 'We didn't create a vulnerability, we just showed it.'

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