GSA takes next step to realign FSS and FTS

What the FSS-FTS teams will do

  • Identify the value of the realignment: The teams will determine how improved processes can lead to better services.

  • Define common terms: The goal is to ensure everyone uses the same vocabulary when discussing issues.

  • Outline the effect on resources and personnel: Working with the chief financial officer, the teams will consider FSS and FTS budgets, work space, number of personnel and potential for savings by combining some services.

  • Point out interdependencies: The reports must detail areas where FSS and FTS could rely on each other and propose an organizational structure for implementing such interactions.

  • Develop performance metrics: The teams will define measurements for a successful realignment.
  • Boyd Rutherford says customers generally like the services GSA provides for them.

    The goal is not merging, but making both organizations operate more efficiently with a map for sharing functions better

    Boyd Rutherford wants to make one thing clear: The General Services Administration's effort to better align the Federal Supply Service and the Federal Technology Service is not aimed at merging the two.

    It is about making both entities operate more efficiently, the associate administrator for the new Office of Performance Improvement said.

    At a meeting earlier this month, Rutherford outlined GSA's expectations to the three teams that will develop a road map for improving how FSS and FTS share common functions.

    'Our customers generally stated they like what GSA does,' said Rutherford, who also is the associate administrator for enterprise development. 'We are looking at areas that we have overlooked in the past. Our feeling is that if we combine certain functions, it will free others up to pursue other areas to deliver more value to our customers.'

    The three teams of six people each, made up of FSS and FTS employees from around the country, will focus on the areas detailed in a May study by Accenture LLP of Chicago.

    Accenture found three areas where FSS and FTS could combine overlapping functions or coordinate better. Three new teams have formed'market research, marketing and sales; contract development; and maintenance and service delivery'to review the redundant tasks identified in the study.

    Teams gather findings

    The teams will report with their recommendations back to an executive steering committee in about two weeks, Rutherford said.

    The steering committee will review the plans and submit a proposal to GSA administrator Stephen Perry, who will make the final decision about changes. Rutherford said the agency expects to have a final plan ready by year's end.

    'We want this to move along quickly,' Rutherford said. 'We will use this work to develop a culture where every GSA representative who interfaces with the customers can sell the entire GSA solution.'

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