Major programs within NIH

ERA. Through Electronic Research Administration, NIH will receive grant applications online. ERA will conduct initial and secondary reviews of the applications and perform administrative work for both award and post-award processes. The project will integrate two legacy systems: the Commons system and the Information for Management, Planning, Analysis and Coordination II system. NIH receives about 46,000 applications every year and wants to lower costs, reduce administrative work and accelerate the awarding of grants.

NIHnet. The agency's WAN connects more than 300 LANs supporting more than 15,000 computer stations running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Unix operating systems. Over the NIHnet high-speed fiber backbone, the various institutes' LANs can exchange images, data and e-mail messages throughout the Bethesda campus. In addition, about 20 off-campus buildings keep in touch with the institutes via 10-Mbps Fiber Distributed Data Interface links.

NIH Business and Research Support System. By combining the NIH Business and Enterprise Human Resources and Payroll systems, NIH wants to create an integrated database to promote data sharing and provide real-time information for more efficient administrative support.

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