Sun slenderizes two entry-level server products

Sun Microsystems' Sun Fire V120 is designed for data centers that need multiple thin, one-way rackmount servers.

Sun Microsystems Inc. has fitted out its 1.75-inch-high, ruggedized servers with double drive bays and Ethernet, SCSI and Universal Serial Bus connections.

The entry-level Sun Fire V120 and Netra 120 servers share many of the same components, said Pradeep Parmar, a Sun senior product manager. The DC-powered Netra 120 is certified under the Network Equipment Building System NEBS-3 standard.

The servers each have a single 550- or 650-MHz Sun UltraSparc IIi processor, up to 4G of memory and two 36G hot-swappable hard drives.

Sun Solaris 9 is the preinstalled operating system. Applications such as the Sun One Web Server, Sun One Active Server Pages and open-source Apache HTTP Server come bundled with both servers, Parmar said. An optional accelerator card can double the number of Secure Sockets Layer transactions each server can process.

Starting prices are $2,495 for a Sun Fire V120 with 550-MHz CPU, 512M of memory and one 36G drive. A Netra 120 with one 650-MHz chip, 512M of memory and one 36G drive is $3,395.

Contact Sun at 888-843-5282.

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