LCD-like wall display accepts mouse clicks from markers

LCD-like wall display accepts mouse clicks from markers

An $11,825, 60-inch electronic Wall Display from 3M Co. plugs into a notebook or desktop PC and acts as a giant monitor on which users can create or edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets. They write directly on the glass with colored dry-erase markers or tap the screen with a blank marker to pull down menus and select items.

Remote users chosen from an existing Microsoft NetMeeting address list can chat and collaborate on the markup in real time, adding or overwriting annotations. The screens can be printed out in color and sorted, saved and distributed in normal Microsoft Windows fashion. The wall display also accepts audio, S-Video, VCR and DVD input.

The 4-inch-thick, digital-light-processing display has the same landscape orientation as a notebook LCD and requires no adjustments'there is only one on-off button. The 85-pound unit can roll about or hang on a wall, and it operates via a top-mounted projection arm with a replaceable, 2,000-hour bulb. The glass screen also is user-replaceable for $250.

The marker holder acts as a stylus and triangulates via ultrasound and infrared sensors. A remote control with mouse buttons lets presenters point, blank, reveal, freeze and time effects. 3M officials said they expect the display to do 'better than Post-Its' in the government market.

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