Air Force comm agency switches to Dell servers

Air Force comm agency switches to Dell servers

The Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency will replace 400 Compaq servers with 100 Dell PowerEdge rackmounted Pentium 4 servers.

Company chairman Michael Dell, in a speech to the Air Force Information Technology Conference in Montgomery, Ala., noted that this recent contract, worth approximately $1 million, was an example of how military organizations are consolidating their hardware.

'We're seeing this all over the government,' Dell said in an interview. He added that the company's government sales in general have been growing faster in recent quarters than commercial sales.

The servers will handle unclassified network traffic for 7,500 Air Force users in the Washington national capital region, a Dell spokesman said. The service won't change operating systems or applications, only hardware. The network runs apps such Microsoft Exchange and Oracle Corp. databases but no command and control applications.

Dell also underscored his recent company announcements that Dell Computer would soon begin selling printers under its own brand name. The company is already a large reseller of numerous vendors' printers and other peripherals and intends to sell them at lower prices using its own final assembly and distribution system. He wouldn't say which manufacturer's printer engines the company plans to use.

Of the peripherals, he told the gathered Air Force IT workers, 'You're paying too much for these today. I guarantee it.'

Dell cited the so-called LAN-in-a-can the company has been delivering to military field units in Afghanistan and other places as another example of how Dell can do things more cheaply than other vendors. The company, he said, partnered with a manufacturer of rugged containers and loads them with Dell equipment.

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