DVD+RW format could pass the pack'it includes video recording capabilities

Although DVD+RW came relatively late to the party, it gets my vote as the rewritable DVD technology most likely to succeed.

When combined with DVD+R, it offers significant backwards-compatibility with most DVD-ROM and DVD-R disks. The format's emphasis on video recording will give it wide appeal to users wanting the feature for both business and entertainment.

A new specification called Mount Rainier that will be incorporated into DVD+RW+R drives and Microsoft Windows operating systems will let users drag and drop files between disks as easily as if they were using CD-R drives.

I own a fast 1.9-GHz Hewlett-Packard Pavilion 761 PC with separate CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives, so when it comes time to upgrade I'll seriously consider the HP dvd200i DVD+RW+R drive. This $500 unit is a good deal, considering you get two drives for the price of one. The DVD write speed is 2.4x'equivalent to a 16x CD drive'and the CD-RW write capacity is a fast 12x. The unit rewrites to DVD at 2.4x speeds and to CD-RW at 10X speeds. The dvd200i reads DVD disks at 8x and CD-RW at 32x. The bundled software that comes with the drive is outstanding.

Six of one

I'd be just as happy with the $600 external dvd200e with FireWire and Universal Serial Bus interfaces, except that the less expensive internal unit would replace two drives, thus saving room for other peripherals, such as a second hard drive.

I like what Hewlett-Packard does with all its hardware products, including peripherals, so this new DVD+RW+R drive is definitely worth a look.

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