FAR councils tell agencies to heed capital planning rules

FAR councils tell agencies to heed capital planning rules

The Federal Acquisition Regulation councils late last month issued a final injunction requiring agencies to pay more attention to capital planning rules under the Clinger-Cohen Act. The rules apply when agencies place task-order or delivery-order contracts through Federal Supply Service schedules or governmentwide acquisition contracts.

In the Federal Register, the civilian and Defense Department acquisition councils amended the FAR to enforce Section 804 of the Defense Authorization Act of 2000.

The amendment calls for agencies to observe modular contracting principles and avoid unnecessarily large and poorly defined orders. It also tells them to discuss requirements with vendors so that performance-based contracts are easier to develop. Furthermore, they must better document any decisions in favor of sole-source follow-ons to orders issued under a contract.

The councils also clarified the definitions and purposes of GWACs and multiple-agency contracts. For instance, they said a GWAC is a task-order contract for IT established by one agency for governmentwide use. Multiagency contracts are task order contracts established by one agency to be used by others; they may buy supplies and services from each other under the Economy Act. That act's provisions do not apply to GWACs, the notice said.

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