DARPA studies efficiency of spectrum use

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants software controls to get the most out of existing wireless spectrum.

DARPA this month awarded Raytheon Co. a one-year, $1.34 million contract to develop techniques for optimizing unused bandwidth, said Shekar Rao, program manager for the next-generation (XG) wireless communications project at Raytheon's information and advanced systems group in Falls Church, Va. 'We see this program as a way to offer the military greatly increased spectrum utilization, especially in rapid-deployment scenarios,' said Preston Marshall, a technical staff member at DARPA's Advanced Technology Office.

The research won't be limited to specific radio bands, Rao said, but it will concentrate on frequencies lower than 6 GHz. Raytheon dubbed the effort XG to avoid confusion with third- and fourth-generation wireless devices being developed for the commercial market, Rao said.

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