Bandwidth booster cuts the repetition

Peribit's Sequence Reducer acts on bit streams much like a gene sequencing algorithm, to reduce repetitive traffic.

The SR-50 and SR-55 Sequence Reducer appliances from Peribit Networks Inc. monitor wide-area traffic to encode repetitive sequences. They can cut the load by as much as 80 percent for some applications.

The effect is a bandwidth increase without more infrastructure investment, said the Santa Clara, Calif., company's marketing vice president, Dan O'Farrell.

'We are an alternative to incremental network build-out,' he said.

Company founder Amit Singh developed the encoding technology while studying human genome sequencing, which identifies repetitive patterns. Singh adapted the algorithms for repetitive bit streams.

'Applications tend to be repetitive,' O'Farrell said, and much of their background traffic can be replaced by simple codes. Frequently appearing content, from logos to boilerplate text, also can be reduced to codes. The sequence reduction works much like a compression algorithm, O'Farrell said.

The SR-50 has two 10/100-Mbps Ethernet ports and sits between the edge router and the local area switch to examine Layer 3 network packets. After installation, it automatically seeks other SR-50s on the network and begins encoding and decoding traffic with them.

It operates at up to 45-Mbps T3 rates with less than 1 millisecond of latency, O'Farrell said.
The SR-50 can work in the presence of firewalls and virtual private networks, but encryption causes random bit streams, so it cannot reduce such traffic by much.

A new software release adds quality-of-service capability to the SR-50. The box honors existing service prioritization, or it can prioritize on its own.

The SR-50, for T1 to T3 WANs, starts around $20,000; a sub-T1 version is $6,000. Licensing for higher rates goes up to $50,000. The SR-55 is for Gigabit Ethernet WANs.

Contact Peribit Networks at 866-737-4248.

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.


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