FTC pens Dewie the Turtle to promote Internet safety

FTC pens Dewie the Turtle to promote Internet safety

FTC's Dewie

Dewie the Turtle, a symbol for safe Internet practices, today joined Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl in the federal government's menagerie of mascots for public-spirited practices. The Federal Trade Commission unveiled Dewie, an upbeat green cartoon, at the Privacy2002 conference in Cleveland.

'The idea is to have Internet security practices become second nature'just like looking both ways before crossing the street,' said FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle in a statement.

Dewie's Web site, at www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/edcams/infosecurity/index.html, provides consumer information on firewalls, antivirus software, avoiding spam e-mail, secure online shopping and children's online privacy, among other topics.

Dewie helps businesses and employees with a briefcase full of tools to guard against Internet fraud, viruses and hackers, FTC officials said.

'We want businesses and consumers to use the tips that Dewie offers,' Swindle said. 'For example, companies could put them in newsletters to employees, and kids could show their parents and grandparents how to stay safe online. Developing a culture of security has never been more important.'

Dewie was introduced to Internet security professionals at the National Infrastructure Protection Commission's meeting in Palo Alto, Calif., last week, said David Perry, global director of education for Trend Micro Inc., a computer security vendor.

Perry said his fellow security professionals welcomed the mascot's creation. 'This is the strongest role the federal government will play in the security field'providing support through raising public awareness of the problem,' he said.

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