'Did you hear...'

Tie Man. The Social Security Administration has launched a nationwide search for the identity of a man wearing a bow tie in a photograph made on Aug. 14, 1935, standing behind President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the signing of the Social Security Act. Visit www.ssa.gov/history/bowtieman.html and tell all.

To the death. An Iraqi official early this month joked that Saddam Hussein and President Bush should settle their differences by a one-on-one duel in neutral territory. We smell a trend here. Going mano ' mano at Comdex: Bill Gates versus Larry Ellison, Carly Fiorina versus Michael Dell, Richard Clarke versus Kevin Mitnick.

Blondes extinct by 2202? The World Health Organization this month denied reports that it funded a study predicting the recessive human genes for blond hair will die out within two centuries. Just another hoax. Well, we all knew that blondes have more fun, but who knew they were partying like it's 2201?

You gotta know when'and how'to fold 'em. That is, how to fold FOLEDs'flexible, organic light-emitting diode displays that the Army is spending $2 million to develop in cooperation with Universal Display Corp. of Ewing, N.J. On wireless phones and handheld computers, FOLEDs will use little power while displaying full color and full motion. Trade secret, but Google turns up a mention of 'excitons in doped organic films.' Is that like bad actors in really bad movies? Beam us a few excitons at [email protected].

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