Dell's Homeland view: one architecture, one mission

Dell's Homeland view: one architecture, one mission

With the Homeland Security Department closer to reality, one IT industry executive emphasized the need for an architecture that supports a broad range of information sharing.

'From an IT standpoint, have architectural consistency mandated across various organizations,' said Michael Dell, chairman and chief executive officer of Dell Computer Corp.

'If you have the challenge of different architectures, you'll need extra prayers,' Dell said in an interview at the company's Round Rock, Texas, headquarters.

Dell said he had no 'blinding insights' on how to manage the huge conglomeration of agencies that would be incorporated into Homeland Security, except for this: 'Start with the imperatives for the country and the common mission those organizations have.'

He posed the hypothetical occurrence of a would-be terrorist in Yemen being denied a visa into the United States and then going to Canada. Caught by the Immigration and Naturalization Service sneaking into the United States, he is given 30 days to find work or leave, because the INS doesn't know of the visa denial. Later, he's stopped for a traffic violation, 'but the trooper doesn't know he's not supposed to be in the country. ' Think of the information challenges,' Dell said.

'IT is a problem but, also, the organizations don't always want to share their information,' he said. 'IT is the easier problem to solve.'

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