Designing home pages for kids has become a vibrant art form, as the Government Printing
Office's index to such pages suggests. At, GPO has tracked down dozens of agency home pages for kids.

One of the most curious is that of the IRS. Its message: Paying taxes is necessary. The IRS also explores sophisticated notions of tax history and economics. Using lively cartoon characters such as winsome Sherri Shine and funky X-treme skater guy P.J. Fly, the Tax Interactive site, at,,id=15548,00.html, explains the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 and its role in U.S. tax history. Elsewhere, a stubble-faced cartoon tax inspector relies on help from a vampirelike count, an Old West sheriff and sultry cartoon Lorna to plumb the fairness aspects of progressive, regressive and proportional taxes.

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