'Did you hear...'

Not yet on GSA schedule? Practically every e-mail address in the galaxy was blasted this month by an AOL.com spammer with a desperate yen for two items: 'A modified mind-warping Dimensional Warp Generator, #524350a series wristwatch with memory adapter' as well as a 'Reliable carbon-based or silicon-based time transducing capacitor.' The sender cautioned, 'I need a reliable source! Please reply only if you are reliable.' Not being a very reliable source, we declined the invitation.

Logizmomechanophobia. That's fake Latin for a fear of computers, according to www.phobialist.com, which defines hundreds of bizarre afflictions. What do you call a fear of lists? Apparently the compilers were afraid to include it.

Sedation dentistry. That's a hot trend among dentophobes'you got it, persons who fear dental treatment. It could help out in some of life's other fear-provoking but as yet unsedated moments: software downloads, airport waiting lines, political speeches and so on. Sedation dentists will even let you choose your poison: a pill, nitrous oxide or an intravenous feed. Make your appointment through www.phobialist.com. And don't succumb to 8athazagoraphobia'fear of being forgotten or ignored. Type [email protected] into your e-mail address line right now, and give us your definition of hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. Hint: It's not a fear of giant multilegged hippopotami.

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