'Did you hear...'

Not yet on GSA schedule? Practically every e-mail address in the galaxy was blasted this month by an AOL.com spammer with a desperate yen for two items: 'A modified mind-warping Dimensional Warp Generator, #524350a series wristwatch with memory adapter' as well as a 'Reliable carbon-based or silicon-based time transducing capacitor.' The sender cautioned, 'I need a reliable source! Please reply only if you are reliable.' Not being a very reliable source, we declined the invitation.

Logizmomechanophobia. That's fake Latin for a fear of computers, according to www.phobialist.com, which defines hundreds of bizarre afflictions. What do you call a fear of lists? Apparently the compilers were afraid to include it.

Sedation dentistry. That's a hot trend among dentophobes'you got it, persons who fear dental treatment. It could help out in some of life's other fear-provoking but as yet unsedated moments: software downloads, airport waiting lines, political speeches and so on. Sedation dentists will even let you choose your poison: a pill, nitrous oxide or an intravenous feed. Make your appointment through www.phobialist.com. And don't succumb to 8athazagoraphobia'fear of being forgotten or ignored. Type [email protected] into your e-mail address line right now, and give us your definition of hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. Hint: It's not a fear of giant multilegged hippopotami.


  • Pierce County

    CARES dashboard ensures county spending delivers results

    The CARES Act Funding Outcomes Dashboard helps Pierce County, Wash., monitor funding and key performance indicators for public health emergency response, economic stabilization and recovery, community response and resilience, and essential government services.

  • smart city challenge

    AI-based traffic management improves mobility, saves fuel, cuts pollution

    Researchers are developing a dynamic feedback traffic signal control system that reduces corridor-level fuel consumption by 20% while maintaining a safe and efficient transportation environment.

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