Agencies identify 53,000 more jobs for potential A-76 review

Agencies identify 53,000 more jobs for potential A-76 review

The Office of Management and Budget yesterday released a second fiscal 2002 inventory of jobs that could be opened to public-private competition under OMB Circular A-76. Agencies identified 53,880 as candidates for review under the revised A-76 rules.

Agencies are required under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act to submit a catalog of positions that are commercial in nature. OMB made public the inventories for 35 organizations, including the Education and Interior departments, Environmental Protection Agency, National Archives and Records Administration, and Small Business Administration.

This second release brings the number of positions considered commercial in nature to 129,284 for fiscal 2002. Over the next several months, OMB will issue a third and possibly a fourth 2002 inventory detailing jobs at other agencies, including the departments of Commerce, Defense, Energy and Veterans Affairs. The administration publicized the first set of 2002 lists in October.

Many of the positions will be competed under the new A-76 process, which OMB expects to release in its final form early next year. The administration has a goal of competing 15 percent of commercial federal jobs by September.

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