'Did you hear...'

It beats wearing Reynolds Wrap. Paranoid schizophrenics, UFO phobics and wireless phone users alike could benefit from the $53 Mobile Cap, announced last month by Handy-Fashions of Norway. The headgear, rather like a baseball cap in style, has a metal tissue lining that supposedly channels 100 percent of radio waves away from the skull but lets sound pass through. Cheapskates, however, still swear by the do-it-yourself Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie, which claims to thwart the forces of psychotronic mind control. See zapatopi.net/afdb.html. The designer warns, 'It can't be stressed enough how important it is to have the shiny side pointing out' to stop those pesky mind-control rays.

Shiny side up. A tip of our deflector beanie to the Internet Wire, which reported this month that the Navy relies on the $59.95 '5 Star Shine' car polishing kit to keep radar dishes on Aegis guided-missile destroyers shiny and clean. See pictures at www.5starshine.com.

Jackalope sighting. Visit the Broadband Wireless Exchange, at www.bbwexchange.com/successstories/champion.asp, to see the high-tech equivalent of the legendary but fictional jackrabbitantelope'a set of giant, earlike antennas to connect wireless signals to 10Base-T Ethernet. The broadband types call the jackalope 'a type of rabbit common in the Las Vegas area.' Uh-huh. Got any sightings to report to [email protected]?

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