INS system fingers murder suspect

Border Patrol officers near Douglas, Ariz., yesterday arrested a 24-year-old-man wanted on an outstanding murder warrant in Washington after stopping him at the border and matching his fingerprint via the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Automated Biometric Identification System, known as IDENT.

INS officials said Jorge Luis Naverette-Camacho, a Mexican citizen, gave a false name and birth date when he was picked up while attempting to cross the border illegally near Douglas. Border Patrol officers ran his fingerprints through the IDENT system and generated the match.

The IDENT system electronically compares a live scanned fingerprint with federal databases of persons wanted for serious crimes and those who have been intercepted or removed from the country for lesser violations.

The Border Patrol agents verified extradition information with authorities in Washington and turned Naverette-Camacho over the Marshals Service for extradition, the INS said. Justice officials familiar with the case were not immediately available for comment.

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