Compact tape library packs data in at 3.4T

The Scalar 24 multiformat, compact tape library can store up to 3.4T of uncompressed data in a 7-inch-high chassis.

The library, from Advanced Digital Information Corp. of Redmond, Wash., can be mounted in a standard rack or set on a desk, product manager Jeff Rector said.

The library accepts one or two drives and up to 24 Linear Tape-Open 1 cartridges or up to 21 Super Digital Linear Tape 320 cartridges, Rector said. Maximum throughput is 64 megabytes/sec.

Integrated partitioning, a standard feature, can divide the Scalar 24 into two single-drive, 12-tape libraries. There is an administration LCD on the front panel, and an optional module plugs into the back for remote management.

With 2:1 software compression, the Scalar 24 holds up to 6.7T.

'It wasn't too long ago that to get 6T, you had to have a huge system,' Rector said.

The components are held in the back panel by thumbscrews, which the administrator can loosen to upgrade drives or install a controller for integration into a storage area network, Rector said.

The cost for a unit with a single LTO drive starts at $12,076; a fully loaded model is $25,308.

Contact ADIC at 800-336-1233.


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