GSA to put governmentwide contracts under FSS

GWACs now managed by FTS bring in less than 1 percent of the division's revenue.

'FTS' Charlie Self

The General Services Administration this week will begin the process of moving oversight of many of its IT governmentwide acquisition contracts to the Federal Supply Service from the Federal Technology Service.

The shift is part of a long-awaited overhaul of both organizations. GSA officials said integrating the GWAC management into FSS will make it simpler for agencies buying IT goods and services'and for vendors that sell them'to find everything in one place.

About 30 people at FTS who provide support to its GWACs will become FSS workers, and another 19 will be moved from FTS' marketing organization to the FSS marketing team.

The reorganization comes on the heels of a report from Accenture LLP of New York, which GSA hired last spring to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the two organizations.

No contract list yet

GSA spokeswoman Mary Alice Johnson said a Contract Vehicle Review Board will coordinate the shift of the GWACs, which include Millennia and Millennia Lite, to FSS. Johnson said the agency does not yet have a complete list of the contracts that will be moved.

'There is no target reduction of GWACs,' FSS commissioner Donna Bennett said. 'Industry and our customers expressed concern that there is redundancy in the contract offerings, and we want to make sure we need them all.'

GWACs now administered by FTS generate less than 1 percent of the division's revenue, FTS deputy commissioner Charlie Self said.

'One of industry's complaints has been that the contracts were duplicative and they had to deal with FTS and FSS to get contracts in place,' Self said. 'This will streamline service delivery and provide a single point of contact for agencies and industry.'

The agency also plans to combine the marketing efforts of FSS and FTS and expand FTS' technical and procurement assistance beyond IT, GSA officials said.

Lawmakers and industry reacted to GSA's decision with optimism.

Washington Technology staff writer Patience Wait contributed to this article.


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