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Mayhem in motion. British digital risk management firm mi2g Ltd. has GIF-animated the numbers and locations of overt digital attacks against governments worldwide over the last two years. According to the map, at www.mi2g.com/cgi/mi2g/frameset.php?pageid=/cgi/mi2g/press/160103.php, hack attacks against U.S. government sites peaked in May 2001.

Fly me to the moon. The fan-propelled SoloTrek XFV exoskeleton flying vehicle, weighing 617 pounds with a 15-gallon tank of gas, supposedly has a maximum range of 105 miles and can hover for up to 2.4 hours. The inventors also claim, at www.solotrek.com/mjet/index1.html, to have taken the device on its first flight in December. Now they're working on other prototypes'among them a teeny, helicopterlike craft. Sponsors include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, NASA and the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Dot-net nothing. When Microsoft Corp. decided this month to dot the .Net out of its forthcoming Windows Server 2003, the company's webmavens quickly deleted '.Net' from titles and headlines of all postings'though it still exists in some of the site's text. The .Net has even been erased from the names of the .Net Enterprise Servers product line. The only Microsoft products that still have .Net in the names are Visual Studio .Net, Visual C# .Net and Visual C++ .Net. So what have they got against .Net? Tell [email protected].


  • business meeting (Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com)

    Civic tech volunteers help states with legacy systems

    As COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities in state and local government IT systems, the newly formed U.S. Digital Response stepped in to help. Its successes offer insight into existing barriers and the future of the civic tech movement.

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    More visible data helps drive DOD decision-making

    CDOs in the Defense Department are opening up their data to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that help surface insights and improve decision-making.

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