The lowdown on a NAS server

What is it? A NAS server is an appliance dedicated to storage and file sharing. It comes with a stripped-down, embedded operating system and is attached directly to the network, not to a general-purpose PC server. It serves up files to multiple clients using different operating systems, appearing to users as if it were a native file server.

When do you need one? You need a NAS server when your general-purpose servers can't keep up with the heavy network loads of hundreds or thousands of daily file exchanges.

When don't you need one? You don't need a NAS server for occasional file sharing, or when your general-purpose server can handle file transfers without bogging down the network.

Must know info? NAS servers are highly scalable, from gigabyte to terabyte range. The best of them offer hot-swappable components and fast I/O processing. For file serving, they deliver better performance at less cost than general-purpose servers do.

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