AIX 5L dynamically reallocates CPUs

IBM Corp.'s Version 5.2 of AIX 5L can handle multiple tasks by separating large systems onto smaller virtual servers.

AIX 5L 5.2 does dynamic logical partitioning on new entry-level p610 and high-end p690 eServers as well as existing pSeries eServers with IBM Power processors, said Mike Harrell, the AIX marketing manager.

Users can assign system components to partitions without rebooting. The dynamic logical partitioning manages resources down to a single processor, single 256M RAM module or single peripheral, Harrell said.

Other features new to the operating system are capacity upgrades on demand and dynamic processor sharing, Harrell said.

If AIX 5L detects a failing processor and the eServer has unused CPUs, the dynamic processor sharing feature will activate one of the unused processors on the same partition as the failed chip, Harrell said.

With the upgrade-on-demand feature, buyers can order a pSeries eServer with more processors than initially needed and activate the extras later, Harrell said.

In a related move, Version 1.3 of IBM's Cluster System Management software provides a single point of control for combinations of IBM's Intel xSeries eServers running the Linux open-source operating system and pSeries computers running AIX 5L. CSM 1.3 lists for $200 per processor.

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