Norton Ghost shadows your system

The ultimate backup is to have a mirror image of a system on a separate hard drive stored offsite.

Symantec Corp.'s Norton Ghost can quickly produce a bootable CD-R or CD-RW disk and is also able to clone entire drives using Universal Serial Bus, network or parallel connections, as well as by temporarily installing a blank hard drive right in the source computer.

The most significant use for Ghost is to create a clone. This is useful as a backup or simply to produce a number of identical PCs for an office.

But Ghost also supports disk spanning to save data to CDs and will even work with SCSI tape drives.

There are more than 80 command-line switches that let you customize the way Ghost works, but, in the simplest mode, you just plug a new hard drive into the cables, boot the computer and make a few menu selections.

Although Ghost can be used as a simple backup tool, it goes much further, duplicating the hidden and system files necessary for disaster recovery.

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