The lowdown on backup software

What is it? Software in this category provides either backup of files and applications'from PC to database levels'or recovery of files in the wake of a disaster. Although they are two separate types of programs, their purposes are linked. Making a backup is the first step in preparing for a disaster; you also have to restore the system.

Why do I need it? The importance of data protection and availability demands that you be prepared for systems disasters, whether they be small or large, natural or man-made.

What about connections for smaller systems? If you select a portable, external-drive backup system for workstations, remember that USB is slow. FireWire is much faster. DVD has potential for small backup jobs, but compatibility is still a major concern.

Must-know info? The best hardware and software in the world isn't as important as having a well-thought-out and well-rehearsed disaster plan. Knowing what data or services must be restored first in any situation is vital to a well-managed recovery effort.

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