Crossword: Pieces of the homeland puzzle


1. What agencies need to share

6. To perch

7. Personal identifiers

11. Permission to visit

15. Disk

17. District attorney

18. 'Doll's House' writer

19. Cordless comm

21. Bear's home

23.Who you are

24.Paper-cutting act

25. Stringed instrument

26.Body of water

28.Tracks foreigners

29.Rowing stick

30.Legislative bill

31.Brute enforcer

32.Booklet ID


37.Spans an organization


39.Spacek movie

40.HQ location

42.Optical reader

45.Everything's just fine

46.Off the shelf

47.Name of the game

50.Early telescope

54.Scare tactic

55.In shape

56.List of team members

57. Acronym for newresearch agency

59. Plastic wrap


2. New agency

3. Tip of the hand

4. Disaster-response agency

5. Employee relations

6. Social Security

7. Television

8. Design tool

10.Hacker's turf

12. Baggage checker

13. Homeland Web address (no dots)

14. Honey maker

16. First ...

17. Signature standard

20.Infectious attacks

21. Printer resolution

22.Storage device

27. Weapons inventory

30.Total information ...

33.Wingless bird

34.Potential trouble

36.B-ball hoop

40.Irish papa

41.Homeland IT boss

43.Small group of terrorists

44.Some legal, some not

48.Mass of people

49.Not mine

51. Golly

52.Father (archaic)

53.Really surprised

55.New department gets a pass on these procurement regs

58. Public address


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