Justice, OPM projects win Showcase of Excellence awards

The Department of Justice's Joint Automated Booking System and the Office of Personnel Management's E-Training initiative today received the Showcase of Excellence award at the FOSE 2003 conference in Washington.

The Showcase of Excellence award recognizes projects that improve the quality of services delivered to the citizen and promote inter or intra agency collaboration that reduces duplicative systems. The Federal Leadership Council selected the two initiatives from 10 finalists and 45 nominations.

Justice's system, also known as JABS, is an information sharing project between agency bureaus that enables each bureau to share and exchange booking information and establish a federal offender tracking system.

The E-Training project, which is one of the Office of Management and Budget's 25 e-government initiatives, consolidated all the online training programs across government into a one-stop portal.

The leadership council also handed out four other awards. The Virginia Beach, Va., and Baltimore won the E-Town awards. Virginia Beach was honored for its workforce planning system that lets officials analyze its workforce needs, track development initiatives and create and track job statements and competencies.

Baltimore's Accountability, Baltimore Style! tracks city agency performance to citizens' complaints or requests for service.

Finally, the Army's Edgewood Chemical Biological Center and the Homeland Security Department received the Homeland Security awards from the council.

The Army's project is a chemical and biological aerosol warning system that uses an array of remote point detectors connected to a central node to detect chemical and biological clouds. HSD's Information Sharing Pilot program is modeled after the Dallas Emergency Response Network that focuses on preventing terrorist attacks and expediting incident responses. The system relies on wireless and standard technologies to seamlessly share information between the public and private sectors.


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