CIO Council engaging state, local governments in architecture work

The CIO Council will begin two or three pilot programs with state and local governments this summer to line up the government entities' enterprise architectures.

Bob Haycock, acting chief architect and program manager for the Federal Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office, yesterday said his office is working with a few states through the National Association of State CIOs to identify some narrow functions across the business lines to bridge their architectures.

Haycock provided an update on the federal enterprise architecture work the Office of Management and Budget is doing and how the CIO Council is supporting it at the FOSE 2003 conference in Washington.

'We have agreed on two areas and we will see what we can do,' Haycock said. 'We will work with state and local governments to build out our enterprise architectures so the state lines of business can be matched to the federal lines of business. We want to show what can be done on a small scale first.'

In addition to the work with the state and local governments, Haycock said version two of the Business Reference Model should be released in mid-April for agencies to use on their fiscal 2005 budget requests.

The first version of the Performance Reference Model should be released in mid-May and by the mid-summer, Haycock said, the Technical Reference and Service Component Reference models should be out.

Some of the changes to the Business Reference Model includes more business lines and subfunctions as agencies sought to define these areas more precisely, Haycock said.

The Service Component Reference Model will be a repository of reusable components that will be organized in three layers: service domain, service types and service components. Haycock said the Technical Reference Model will provide the platforms of the components and the standards that need to be in place to promote reuse.

'We have come a long way in 10 months and we are beginning to grapple with how to make sure agencies know the value of these models,' Haycock said.

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