The lowdown: tape storage

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Tale of the Tape

What are they? Tape storage devices run the gamut from small, PC-related systems in the gigabyte range to large enterprise tape libraries capable of up to petabytes of storage.

What do they do? Any tape storage and backup system has the ability to copy all or designated amounts of data from original sources, such as hard drives, onto tape cartridges so that they will not be lost in a system crash.

When do I need a tape library? When your present or future storage requirements call for a highly scalable system capable of storing terabytes or more of data.

Must-know info? A revolution in tape drive technology has created a new generation of intelligent tape libraries capable of scaling up or down to meet virtually all your storage requirements. As long as scalability, performance and reliability remain key criteria for large storage systems, tape libraries will be the best bet for most enterprises.

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