Online extra: Biometrics testing photo gallery

Sizing up biometrics products<@VM>Soto installs scanner<@VM>Breeden playing with puppy<@VM>Weighing scanner pros, cons<@VM>Moser takes measure<@VM>Breeden takes peek<@VM>Through the paces<@VM>Checking features

GCN Lab technician Arthur Moser records dimensions and features of the Precise Biometrics smart card.
Reviewer Carlos A. Soto (right) installs Precise Biometrics' silicon-chip scanner while Moser monitors setup time.
Lab director John Breeden II tries to fool the Sony Puppy device by logging in as Soto with an ultrathin plastic finger wrap carrying Soto's inverted fingerprint.
Form factor and ergonomic design are important in biometric devices. Soto (left) and Breeden discuss the good and bad points of two optical fingerprint scanners.
Moser measures the optimal distance from the camera to obtain a successful iris scan.
Breeden takes a magnified look at the internal components of a biometric scanner.
Soto tests the Panasonic Authenticam with Iridian Technologies' iris-scanning software in a darkened room.
Good software design is crucial for biometric authentication. Soto points out items of interest on Digital Persona's log-in screen.

"Biometrics gets better but still needs some work"

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