Defense is set to open a new war game lab

Defense is set to open a new war game lab

The Joint Forces Command tomorrow will open a 10,000-square-foot laboratory in Suffolk, Va., to conduct live and virtual war games.

The Distributed Continuous Experimentation Environment facility (DCEE) includes workstations and meeting rooms that will let military agencies conduct seminars, workshops and war games with participants located all over the world, Joint Forces officials said.

Simultaneously with the DCEE kickoff, the command will unveil a new war-gaming experiment, Pinnacle Impact 03. Running until May 21, Pinnacle Impact is a joint-forces war game designed to analyze how U.S. and allied forces will fight future wars.

Before establishing the new lab, the Joint Forces Command conducted joint warfighting experiments at different locations, said Air Force Reserves Maj. Jay DeLancy, spokesman for the command. Each war game entailed 'carrying all of these computer games and setting up,' DeLancy said.

Having a permanent site will eliminate the need to set up and break down systems for each exercise, which will save time and money, he said.

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