Integrator opens test center to demo voice biometrics

Integrator opens test center to demo voice biometrics

ATLANTA'WRSystems Ltd. of Fairfax, Va., has established a test site to demonstrate the use of voice biometrics for government applications.

The center will demonstrate Spike Server technology from Diaponics Inc. of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Spike Server verifies a speaker's identity during a voice transaction, records the transaction and attaches a digital watermark created from an encrypted voice print unique to the speaker. Spike Server uses the TR 1000 media processing card from Brooktrout Technology Inc. of Needham, Mass.

Brooktrout announced deployment of the test bed at the SuperComm trade show.

The TR 1000 does preanalysis of network voice traffic, to ensure transmission quality and for text and speech recognition. It also can help in CPU load management in systems that use speech by analyzing and controlling voice traffic sent for processing.

Diaphonics Spike Server uses the card to clean up voice signals used for voice biometrics. Spike Server is a hardware-software appliance that identifies the voice of enrolled users, allowing them to make transactions over telephone or other voice networks. The recording and watermarking components add a verifiable audit trail.

WRSystems plans to use the test site to demonstrate voice biometrics for government security applications.

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