ED UVS Plus 1 kVA

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ED UVS Plus 1 kVA

Quick look: Power regulation device for high-end systems

When we think of power management, we usually think of an uninterruptible power supply that works when the lights go out. But in some environments, power management means keeping close tabs on the type of power, because even minor discrepancies off a pure power sine wave can kill sensitive equipment.

The ED UVS is designed to regulate power. It takes up only one unit of space in a rack, or it can be set upright. It can be configured to accept a 50-hertz, 60-hertz or 400-hertz input and yield a 50-hertz or 60-hertz output.

The precision voltage regulation and frequency conversion abilities can be extremely valuable to military users. On an airplane, it can ensure that pure power is given to devices. In the field, it will take an extremely dirty power wave produced by diesel or gas generators and turn it into a pure power wave.

The GCN Lab field tested the ED UVS using a gas generator, an oscilloscope and several appliances. The power produced by the cheap generator was extremely prone to frequency drift, much more so than power from a standard electrical plug. But once the power was converted through the ED UVS, it was as pure a sine wave as you can get. Adding devices, even ones that normally cause power spikes, such as hair dryers or power tools, did not harm the wave. Any systems attached to the device operated with no problems.

You can add battery backup to the ED UVS in case it is needed.

Price: $1,820

Phone: 626-962-7770

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.


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