PT-2600 Electronic Labeling System

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PT-2600 Electronic Labeling System

Quick look: Label maker

The PT-2600 could be the mother of all label makers. The heavy unit runs on eight AA batteries or can be plugged into a wall outlet. It is about the size of an old adding machine and looks like a miniature typewriter.

Despite its size and heavy power needs, the PT-2600, from Brother International Corp. of Bridgewater, N.J., is an amazing machine when it comes to making labels. Its advantage over most label machines is that it can print both the thin labels found in most devices like this and the really thick ones you find on mailed magazines and newspapers. It will print labels onto standard sticky label tape, as well as on Avery file labels. It can also print laminated labels.

Another advantage to the PT-2600 is that you can see what you are about to print on the screen and add features such as underlined text or bar codes. You can change the font and style of the text'and there is a pretty good selection of eight fonts and 10 styles.

There is also a Universal Serial Bus port on the side so you can link it with a computer to print, for example, labels from your database.

The unit is also very fast, printing labels almost as soon as you hit the button. If you use the label tape, the cartridges'the unit comes with one'are easy to pop out and reload.

This would be a perfect product for someone who has to keep organized. Even in a setting where you have to keep track of a fast-moving inventory, the PT-2600 can keep up with demands and look good doing it.

Price: $129

Phone: 908-704-1700

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