OMB publishes reference models for enterprise architecture

OMB publishes reference models for enterprise architecture

The second version of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Business Reference Model and the first versions of two related frameworks were released yesterday.

The long-awaited Service Component Reference Model classifies components of software applications according to the business processes and customer services that they support. The Technical Reference Model lays out core standards and specifications for security, data interchange, data types, business logic, interoperability and related subjects.

Version 2.0 of the business framework, which agencies will need to use in the fiscal 2005 budget cycle, puts services for citizens into a different business area from the delivery modes for such services. The initial version of the Business Reference Model had grouped them in the same business area.

The other two business areas of the BRM are support delivery of services'which covers such topics as legislative relations, regulatory development, oversight, revenue collection and risk mitigation'and management of government resources.

The Service Component Reference Model categorizes application components seven ways: customer service, process automation, business management, digital assets, business analytics, back-office services and cross-functional support services.

No date has yet been announced for the release of the performance and data reference models, the fourth and fifth major components of the Federal Enterprise Architecture.

Copies of the three completed reference models are online at

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