'Did you hear...'

Screen the screeners. When the Transportation Security Administration let go thousands of airport security personnel'some had flawed background checks and even criminal records'it highlighted a scam not unlike diploma mills. Certain TSA hires presented 'breeder documents''authentic IDs obtained using fake docs, according to Imaging Automation Inc. of Bedford, N.H., which is helping Boston's Logan and the Dallas'Fort Worth airports match passports, driver's licenses and other documentation against bad-guy watch lists.

Spam Air. Meanwhile, United Airlines passengers by year's end will have the privilege of paying $5.99 per flight to exchange instant messages in the air and nearly three times as much'$15.98'to download their e-mail.

'Supporting America's Warfighter since 1799!' That's the slogan of the Defense Logistics Agency's Warfighters Clothing Support site, at ct.dscp.dla.mil/ascot/index.html. We suspect they aren't selling too many tricorn hats or powder horns these days.

R.I.P., GPO bookstores. The Government Printing Office by fiscal year's end will shut down its remaining stores outside Washington headquarters. Sad to say, it's remaindering for cents on the dollar such Cold War classics as Volume 6 of the Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges and Volume 2 of Vietnam 1962, plus'a real whizbang selection'Guide to Research Collections of Former U.S. Senators, 1789-1995. They're all now consigned to the dustbin of history as GPO prepares to turn itself into an e-agency. Send Buzz some priceless historical relics at buzz@postnewsweektech.com.

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