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Security flaws. The Michigan Treasury Department's mainframe system for processing taxes is vulnerable to unauthorized access and fraud, state auditors said.

'General controls over access to mainframe systems were not effective,' according to an auditor general's report, which found 'a significant risk that the department's system of internal controls could not prevent or detect unauthorized access to or use of confidential taxpayer information.' Nor could the internal controls prevent fraudulent financial transactions, the report said.

The department lacked a comprehensive IT security program, auditors said. It also did not control access to the critical production account through which the public could access tax files as well as other state financial systems.

The department also failed to impose effective program and data change controls, according to the auditors, and therefore was at risk for unauthorized data changes.

Officials agreed with the auditors' findings and said the department had partially complied with or would implement the audit recommendations, according to the report.

Talking XML. Delaware's IT Department is using Voice Extensible Markup Language to make the features of its Web page accessible by phone. Under the Access Delaware Project, state agencies and local governments can apply VoiceXML schemas to existing systems so citizens can dial in to get access to online programs.

Delaware officials hope the project will increase access to online services.

VoiceXML provides an open development environment for generating applications that agencies and local governments can apply to their systems, officials said. VoiceXML systems can accept data via audio input or keypad entry on telephones and deliver audio output that is either prerecorded or computer-generated.

The ultimate goal of the project is to make all the applications available on the state's Web portal, at, accessible through toll-free numbers.

Fingerprint deal. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has awarded a contract to Identix Inc. of Minnetonka, Minn., for 15 Live Scan fingerprint identification systems.
Under the contract, Identix will provide 10 Tenprinter, four Fingerprinter CMS and one Tenprinter transportable Live Scan systems.

Live Scan is a patented system manufactured by Identix that captures, stores and transmits high-resolution fingerprint images.

The systems will be used at sheriff's stations and other law enforcement agencies throughout San Diego County.

In all, there will be 29 Indentix Live Scan systems deployed at county sheriff's stations and police departments.

Identix expected to ship and install the systems under the new $550,000 order by the end of last month.

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