Livermore lab cluster ranks third worldwide

A Linux cluster at the Energy Department's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is the third-fastest in the world, according to the latest rankings at

Built by Linux Networx Inc. of Bluffdale, Utah, Livermore's system has 2,304 2.4-GHz Intel Xeon processors and 4.6T of RAM. The Multiprogrammatic Capability Cluster upped its performance on a standard benchmark to 7.6 trillion floating-point operations per second, up from 5.7 TFLOPS last year. It passed Livermore's classified IBM SP supercomputer on the semiannual list.

Livermore's 6.6-TFLOPS IBM xSeries cluster with 1,920 2.4-GHz Xeon chips placed sixth. Los Alamos National Laboratory's Q supercomputer was the fastest at 13.9 TFLOPS.

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