TravelPower Case 1300B

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TravelPower Cass 1300B

Quick look: Carrying case and charger kit for portable computers

The TravelPower Case is the pocket protector for the new breed of tech geeks.

On the surface the case, from American Power Conversion Corp. of West Kingston, R.I., looks pretty much like any other notebook PC carrying bag. It has padded sides and a strap so you can lug it through airports.

But when you open it up, you find it preloaded with just about every type of power adapter you could ever need. There are proprietary plugs that fit most mainstream notebook PCs. And you can use the APC power brick to charge up to three mobile devices at the same time. Combine this with the car adapter, and you pretty much have the ability to charge your mobile devices and notebooks anywhere.

In addition, the inside of the bag is designed with the mobile tech traveler in mind. There are pockets of various sizes to accommodate cell phones, personal digital assistants, digital cameras and other travel devices. There is even a sealed container where you can put personal items like toothpaste and soap. Business cards sit in yet another pocket, where they are held securely without being bent. You can purchase a separate device that will make the power adapter work overseas as well.

For the mobile warrior, the TravelPower case can provide the juice to keep the wheels turning.

Price: $129

Phone: 877-272-2722

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