Dell Axim glitch found to slow performance

Dell Axim glitch found to slow performance

Dell Corp. today announced a firmware glitch in the Axim X5 handheld computer running the new Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003 operating system. The glitch can compromise system performance when users try to perform several simultaneous operations.

The glitch is not in the new Windows operating system. The Axim's firmware, although designed specifically to work with the OS, appears to slow down processing.

No current fix is available, but a free executable file should be available soon, at, representatives said. Until then, Dell has temporarily suspended shipment of new Axim X5s. They can still be ordered, however.

Dell will directly contact Axim X5 owners once the fix is ready. The Axim X5, released in November 2002, has been competing well in the handheld market because of its aggressive $293 price tag and high-end components.

Stay tuned for the July 28 issue of GCN, in which the GCN Lab will rate the market's best handhelds including the Dell Axim X5. On July 31, join a Live with the Lab online forum about handhelds.


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