MPC offers an all-in-one PC

MPC Computers LLC has created a powerful desktop computer that's not much bigger than a typical 17-inch LCD because the guts, monitor and other goodies are all packed in a single slim unit.

The Nampa, Idaho, company designed the ClientPro All-in-One, a 3-GHz Pentium 4, to replace standard desktop PCs'especially in environments where space is at a premium. MPC unveiled the new PC yesterday.

'Traditionally, a desktop system with all its peripherals is not as portable in a work environment where people do move and equipment does need to be shuttled from one place to another, so when you look at the All-in-One people are not looking to complement desktops but really to replace them across the board,' said Ron Clevenger, MPC's vice president of government sales.

The ClientPro comes loaded with up to 1G of synchronous dynamic RAM, a 64M ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics processing chip, five USB ports and six-channel stereo speakers mounted around the 17-inch LCD monitor.

'The concept and unique look of the system are different than anything we have previously developed,' said Paul Peterson, the company's vice president of product marketing. 'We are very excited about this product.'

Even if space is not an issue, the ClientPro offers another advantage: There are fewer pieces to inventory and track. 'You really have the opportunity to diminish the number of physical assets you have to manage by combining the PC with the LCD in one unit,' Clevenger said.

The price for the All-in-One ClientPro starts at $1,699.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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